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The Treasury-suggested Direct Express card is a prepaid plastic installment choice for government advantage beneficiaries who don’t have a bank or credit association account. Cardholders can cause buys at stores that to acknowledge Debit MasterCard, cover tabs, buy cash orders from the U.S. Mail station and get money from an ATM or monetary establishment that shows the MasterCard acknowledgment mark. No financial balance or credit check is required to enlist. There are no sign-up expenses or month to month account charges. Numerous other card administrations are free. Extra data about the Direct Express card is accessible at www.usdirectexpress.com.

At the point when you join to get your Social Security, Supplemental Security Income, VA or other government benefits by means of the Direct Express card, your cash will be naturally saved to your Direct Express card account on your installment date. If you don’t have a ledger or basically lean toward a prepaid plastic, the Treasury Department prescribes that you pursue the Direct Express® card. This video clarifies the upsides of the Direct Express® card over paper checks and reveals to you how you can utilize the card.

Essentially, people accepting government advantages ought to have a quick and simple approach to access significant account data. That is actually what Direct Express prepaid platinum card clients get past the card’s online gateway. Advantage beneficiaries who wish to affirm the measure of assets accessible on a card can go to the US Direct Express Check Balance page and log in to their record by entering a User ID. Cardholders who still can’t seem to pursue online access can enroll by contending a basic online structure that requires a card number, User ID, security code, secret phrase, Social Security Number, postal district, language (English and Spanish), and email address.

About Direct Express prepaid debit card

  • Cardholders get same-day access to their assets as government benefits are saved onto their Direct Express prepaid debit card on the day installment is gotten

  • The card can be utilized to make buys and get money back (at taking an interested dealer there is no expense charged to get the money back after a buy)

  • There will be scarcely any spots the card isn’t invited at as it very well may be utilized anyplace the MasterCard acknowledgment mark is shown

  • Spots the Direct Express prepaid debit card can be utilized at incorporate markets, service stations, eateries, and retail establishments

  • Cardholders can exploit the PayPerks rewards program that permits cardholders to gain focuses on taking instructional exercises on the most proficient method to settle on better money-related choices

Cardholders who would prefer not to utilize the web to finish their US Direct Express check parity can contact client care as another option. The individuals who wind up reaching client support can depend on help 24 hours every day and 7 days per week.

Create an account with Direct Express

To create this go to the site, www.usdirectexpress.com

On the main page, at the middle left side click on, ‘Proceed to login’ in orange.

You will get a box in the middle, in here, choose your card, and click on, ‘Proceed to login’.

On the next directed tab, at the middle left side click on, ‘Create new user’.

Direct Express Create Account

In the next redirected page type,

  • Card Number*

  • Create a User ID*

  • Security Code*

  • Create Password*

  • SSN*

  • Confirm Password*

  • Zip Code*

  • Language*

  • Email* Help?

  • Confirm Email*

  • Check the verification code

  • then, click on, ‘Submit’.

Logging into Direct Express

To have the login go to, www.usdirectexpress.com

On the main page, at the middle left side click on, ‘Proceed to login’ in orange.

On the next directed tab, at the middle right side, input,

  • The user ID

  • Then, click on, ‘Submit’.

Direct Express Login

Forgot login ID

If you are having issues remembering the ID, then, click on, ‘Forgot user ID?’. In the redirected change type,

  • The card number

  • Check the verification code

  • Then, click on, ‘Submit’.

You need to follow the prompts after this to get back the user ID.

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Contact help

To stay connected you can call on these numbers,

  • 1-888-741-1115 (Toll-Free)

  • 1-765-778-6920 (Outside of the United States)

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