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Redeem Digital Code and add the movie to your watch list with Universal Pictures :

Universal Pictures is ranked as the world’s largest studio in terms of the film release. Currently, more than 9000 employees are working in the Universal Studios, part-time, full time, and contractual basis. Cult movies like Jurassic Park, ET: The Extra Terrestrials are two of the highest-grossing movies of all times produced by Universal Studios. It roots its origin from the erstwhile The American Motion Picture Studios in the year 1912. It was founded by Carl Laemmle, the film producer, and exhibitor.

A film studio with such influencing presence had a humble journey by initially producing budget feature films till it was taken over by Music Corporation of America. Merged, it went on to become the largest film company with the most profitable records in the world of films and televisions.

About UPHE Redeem Service :

Apart from being a studio, Universal Pictures maintain fabulous theme parks that have gone on to become bang on tourist spots because it has been the shooting venue of some cult classic and highest-grossing films of all the time. The studious are used for both television and film productions and are located in Hollywood, Orlando, Singapore, and Japan. Universal Pictures is listed among the Little Three during the golden age of Hollywood.

With the arrival of the dedicated online channel, Universal Pictures is making movie experience for every movie lovers fun and easy. Every day, get to enjoy lattes release of films and drama on www.uphe.com. View all the contents in 4k and Ultra HD by adding them to digital collections. Here is the way how you can add more and more movies to your collection. Redeem the Digital Code at the back of the Blue-ray Packet. The offer is known as UPHE Redeem Service which will help the viewers to redeem both the Digital copy as well as UltraViolet.

Redeeming the digital code and utilizing :

You need to take the redemption code, redeem it, and initiate the download of the latest movies or films to your device. Also, keep in mind that the redemption must be commenced within the given period of expiry. The code will become invalid and you cannot redeem it once the validity expires. The format of the download and the picture quality must be chosen at the time of redemption. Once downloaded, you cannot change the quality. On download, the user can watch the shows anytime they want offline. This how you can redeem the code before downloading your favorite movies or series:

  • Open your browser and visit www.uphe.com/redeem
  • Enter the CODE from the back of the Blue Ray.
  • Type in the email address.
  • Pick up your Date of Birth (mm-dd-yyyy).
  • Select your gender.
  • Sign up for the special updates.
  • Read all the terms and conditions and agree to them.

Redeem digital code

  • Click on Continue.

You can now successfully redeem the code and initiate the download. Do not forget to choose the format before adding to the library.

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Contact Page :

  • Visit the Contact Support page directly at www.uphe.com/contact-support.
  • Type in the First Name.
  • Type in the Last Name.
  • Enter the registered email address.
  • Select the Country/Territory.
  • Select Digital Code Redemption under Product.
  • Tap on Submit.

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