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How to Make a Bottle of the right formula for your baby

Understanding the basics of formula preparation and handling is very crucial whether you are entirely opting for formula feeding or supplementing breast milk Similac Ready To Feed formula has been designed as such so that parents can find it easy to prepare the ideal mix to feed their baby.

About Similac :

Similac introduced a range of baby food and nutritious formula designed to provide complete nutritional and immune support for brain and eye development. Similac is dedicated to crafting customized food products for expecting mothers, new babies, and toddlers. Similac promises to make the journey from motherhood to the growth of the baby a wholesomely happy and healthy experience.

Product Features :

While various products add to their own nutritional values, here are three principle components making Similac one of the prominent brands for natal care and pediatric wellness:

  • Contains 2’-FL HMO contributing to immune support.
  • For stronger bone development and perfect calcium absorption, each product is Palm olein oil-free.
  • Facilitates eye and brain development with Vitamin E, DHA, and Lutein.

To ensure the child receives the right amount of nutrition, proper formula preparation is very important. Contrary to the popular belief, the watered-down formula is not a good thing for your baby. That is because putting ion too much water will result in the dilution of the essential button that can in turn create a deficit of nutrition in the child. In the long term, the consequence would be serious.

Types of Similac Formula :

Here are two types of formula that Similac is offering right now:

  • Ready-to-feed Formula: No need to add any water and should be given directly.
  • Powdered Formula: here you need to mix one unpacked level scoop of formula with 2fl oz of water.

Rules before handling Formula

So here are the formulas that are ideally formulated to suit the requirements for your baby. Given that, before preparing the formulas, here are some of the basic rules that you must follow to maintain the hygiene:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly before making.
  • If the formula contains in a can, make sure that your can opener is clean. Clean the lid from any accumulated dust.
  • For ready-to-feed formula, shake the formula in containers before opening it.
  • Do not use the formula of the container is dented.
  • Strictly avoid expired formula. Please check the expiry date on the container every time you purchase.


For parents, who have bought Ready-To-Feed Formula, please refer here. As earlier discussed Ready-to-feed Formula of Similac requires minimum preparation. No need of measuring or mixing with anything. All you need to do is to shake the bottle containing the formula thoroughly before opening. After that, twist off the cap and pour it into the baby bottle. Your formula is ready to be fed.

Storing Ready-To-Feed Formula :

The only thing you need to be careful about is storing the Ready-To-Feed Formula correct way. Here goes the instruction as per the bottle measurements:

  • 2-fl-oz nipple-ready bottles and 8-fl-oz nipple-ready bottles: Avoid storing in extreme temperature. Store the unopened container at room temperature. Keep in a carton, till it is ready to use. Protect from direct light.
  • 32-fl-oz bottles: On opening quart bottle, store it immediately in the refrigerator. On preparing, the formula must be fed to the baby within 48 hours between which the bottle must be kept in the refrigerator. Never reuse containers. For unopened containers, store it at room temperature. Avoid extreme temperatures.

Refer to label for specific instructions.


Carefully follow the direction prescribed by your physician before preparing Similac. Meticulous monitoring in mixing, warming, storing, re-using and their do’s and don’ts are required to be considered. Your baby’s health depends on remembering and supervising the formula consumption. In case of any questions or confusion regarding the dosages and frequency of administering, please consult your pediatrician.

Note: Powdered infant formula is not sterile. Unless doctor supervision, do not feed it to infants with immune problems or premature infants.

Preparing Powdered Formula with Boiled Water :

Your doctor will instruct whether you need to use boiled water while preparing formula. In that case, you need to thoroughly boil nipples, rings, and bottles in water before using each time. For using the formula with boiled water, please go through the steps:

  • Boil the water for one minute. Turn off the heat. Do not boil excess as it can increase the concentration of impurities.
  • Before adding the formula, cool the water at room temperature. Do not add formula directly into the boiling water as it can cause lump formation and clump decreasing the nutritional content.
  • After mixing, make sure to check it is not too hot by sprinkling few drops inside your wrist.

Remember: Boiled water cannot be replaced with bottled or filtered water. However, in some areas, they might be a better alternative to tap water. Talk to your healthcare professional if you are worried about lead or other harmful components in the water, before administering the formula.

Normal or Small Size Mixing :

For correct mixing procedure, please follow these steps:

  • With soap and warm water, wash your hands properly.
  • Measure the prescribed amount of water and then pour it into the baby bottle.
  • Pour the level, unpacked scoop of powder into the bottle as per the instruction.
  • Return the dry scoop within the container.
  • Tightly put the cap on the bottle and shake vigorously. For quick and thorough mixing, move your wrist in a twisting motion.
  • Feed immediately or store in the refrigerator for later usage.

Large Size Mixing :

  • Using a liquid, measuring cup, measure 24 fl oz of water.
  • For measuring powder, use a dry household measuring cup.
  • On the water, add one cup (100 gm) of unpacked and level powder.
  • Mix and pour the prepared formula into the child’s feeding bottle.
  • In case not used, immediately store in the refrigerator. Must be fed within 24 hours.

Note: With such mixture, you can wield approximately 27 fl oz of prepared formula. To get an accurate result, use the powder with scale using grams. These instructions are not to be followed in case of EleCare® Jr. or EleCare® For Infants

Mixing instructions for Similac For Spit-Up :

Similac For Spit-Up Formula is made up of rice starch. Since it contains rice starch, compared to another formula, it mixes a little more slowly with the water.

Similac For Spit-Up have grainy look also because of its starch contents. Any formula that contains rice starch becomes the same. So do not mistake it as a product defect. Also, the grains are very small. However, owing to the thickness, it may cause the clogged nipple to the bottle. Here is what you can do to avoid such:

  • Mix the powder in the water first and wait for approximately two minutes.
  • Agitate and gently mix the formula in the bottle before feeding.
  • To allow formula flow faster, use a nipple with a larger hole.
  • Do not vigorously shake right before feeding. It may cause air bubbles leading to gas in your baby. Wait for sometimes and see if all the bubbles are gone then feed.

Warming the Powdered Formula :

Generally, the formula does not require warming. If you are, instructed to warm, do not microwave. Microwaving can cause ‘hotspot’ resulting in internal burning for your baby. Instead, place the filled bottle with the formula in a bowl of already warmed water (must not be boiling) or place the bottle under warm tap water after achieving warmth, sprinkle a few drops of the formula inside your wrist to make sure it is not too hot for consumption.

Storing Powdered Formula :

Here is how you can store powdered formula, both prepared and unprepared:

  • If opened, the formula must be stored in a cool, dry place in a sealed container.
  • Never store the unmixed powder in a refrigerator.
  • The product must be used within one month.
  • Avoid storing in extreme temperatures.
  • On preparing the mixture, you either have to feed immediately or can store it in a sealed container maximum of up to 24 hours.
  • Do not allow to freeze as it can cause fat and protein to separate.
  • Never leave the already prepared formula at room temperature.
  • For specific instructions, refer to the label.

Reusing Powdered Formula :

In case your babies start consuming prepared formula but cannot finish it within one hour, throw it away. Never refrigerate it. Never save it for later or reheat it. Just throw it away if already in use. That is because, during feeding, the baby’s saliva mixes with the formula in the bottle and contaminates it. And once this mix of saliva occurs, refrigerating or reheating will not kill bacteria accumulated.

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