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Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise Toll Collection Online :

Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise Toll Collection can now be paid online immediately after receiving the notice of the toll violation within the due date. The online payment collection, keeping track of the fees are now handled by Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson who has been hired by the Turnpike Enterprise.

About Florida’s Turnpike System :

Florida’s Turnpike System is offering well maintained convenient roadways channel throughout Florida with 500 miles beautifully maintained and one of the safest toll roads. The Turnpike System is utilized by approximately two million motorists every day and is known for its exceptional customer service and perks. The Turnpike System is maintained by the Turnpike Enterprise, which, in turn, is an integral part of the Florida Department of Transport. The Turnpike System!

Right now, it consists of the Mainland from Miami to Central Florida. The roadway system also includes the Turnpike Extension, Seminole Expressway, Southern Connector Extensions, Veterans Expressway, Beachline Expressway, Sawgrass Expressway, Western Beltway, Polk Parkway, the I-4 Connector, and Sun coat Parkway.

Making Online Payment :

In case of the toll violations and minor offenses, the motorist/owner of the car is required to pay the toll violation fees. Instead of mailing or submitting on the person, the motorists can easily make payment via a secured online gateway through their credit card. Yes, it’s that much simple now! To make the payment, make sure you have the Toll Violation Ticket you have been issued or mailed to your address while motor violations on any of the above-mentioned roadways or expressway under the Turnpike System. Go through the process right now:

  • Open your browser and visit www.ftetolls.com.
  • Click on Make a Payment Now tab.

FTE Tolls Make A Payment

  • Type in Online Payment Number on the ticket.
  • Type in the Client Code also printed on the letter itself.
  • Tap on the Confirm tab.

You will be redirected to the secured payment gateway, where you can enter your credit card information and make the payment instantly. Please make the payment within the given due date. Failure to make the payment on time will incur late payment charges.

Toll Violations-Why did you receive the notice via mail?

Failure to pay the toll amount for the violation as per Section 316.1001 F.S in the State of Florida. It may lead to a fine of $100. Other penalties are the assessment of court cost, suspension of your driver’s license or suspension of your vehicle registration. Please remember to keep the proof of your payment, whether you are making through credit card online, mail, or in person.

Electronic Payment :

Drivers with the SunPass transponder installed will transmit with the camera on the toll bridges which will in turn capture the image of your license plate and automatically deduct the toll amount from the prepaid toll account. If the transponder is unable to be detected or your prepaid account is not activated, the toll amount will be directly mailed to you. It is the owner’s responsibility to keep the transponder mounted properly and update the information about the vehicle license plate on their prepaid account. The transponder should also be kept clean and well maintained.

Non-SunPass (prepaid account toll) holders :

If you are not an account holder of SunPass or any other prepaid toll account approved by Turnpike System such as LeeWay or E-Pass accounts and you are unattended at the lanes and roadways of Florida, you must continue through the toll plaza without abruptly stopping the vehicle. In that case, mail with the toll ticket will be sent to your address without any extra charges. Make the payment via mail, online, or in person. If you wish to mail the amount, send it to,

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Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise :

P.O. Box 310

Ocoee, FL, 34761

Active account holder but missed the payment :

In such a case too, unpaid toll ticket mail will be sent to you,. Such a situation occurs due to the following reasons:

  • Active SunPass account but insufficient balance.
  • The transponder is non-operable and requires replacement.
  • The credit Card updated on the account has expired.
  • Changing bank accounts and forgot to update.

Unattended Toll Lane :

Owing to the above situations, mostly all the tolls are attended in case there is no capture on the camera. However, if there is no change for the driver to pay the tax, the toll ticket is issued. Please remember, before sending any payment via mail, please enter the following information thoroughly:

  • Name.
  • License Plate Number.
  • Vehicle Plate Information.
  • Plaza Name/Mile market.

The mail address is given in the previous point. Also, note that payment via mail must be commenced within 10 days of issuing a ticket.

Lose of receipt :

In case you lost your toll receipt or were handed the unpaid toll notice at Toll Plaza, please call the number 407-264-3164. Again it is recommended to keep proof of your payment.

Driving Rental Car :

In case you are not driving your vehicle, rented from an organization and then pass the toll, connect with the rental car company from where you have hired the vehicle and report the missed toll and inform the policies before roaming there.

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