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How to subscribe for TV Weekly Magazine

NTVB Media has been doing business for over 25 years and is the biggest supplier of TV magazines to the paper business in the nation. The organization goes into a dispersion and showcasing concurrences with neighborhood and national papers so as to give the magazine in your general vicinity.


TVGM Holdings, LLC is the parent organization of the notable TV Guide Magazine just as the recently propelled TV Insider site. Television Guide Magazine is totally devoted to TV diversion and associates perusers with America’s #1 recreation movement. They light discussion and manufacture network around their mutual energy.


Their select off camera get to, legitimate knowledge, breaking news and audits streamline the ever-expanding number of programming choices. They control watchers to the minutes everybody will discuss and empower them to find characters, new shows, specials and the sky is the limit from there. Television Guide Magazine engages perusers to settle on educated choices, amplifying their review understanding.


Television Insider is a sharp and shrewd manual for what merits viewing, an all-get to go into TV devotees’ preferred shows. With our enthusiastic group of master essayists, picture takers, and videographers, they direct watchers to must-see programming just as helping them to find incredible shows they may have missed. We take them in the background and on the arrangements of mainstream and faction appears and inside the psyches of the individuals who make them.


Some points on Subscription for TV Weekly Magazine


  • Clients who are simply hoping to recharge their membership can essentially furnish their email address related with their record
  • The individuals who don’t have an email address should utilize their Subscription ID or postal district to reestablish or get support
  • Television Weekly membership rates will change dependent on conveyance technique and district
  • Television Weekly strives to guarantee the client gets the best rates accessible
  • Copy memberships ought to be converged into one record for comfort purpose yet this can’t
  • Each beat-the-cost increment reestablishment fits the bill for a 4-week reward added as far as possible of your current membership, it would be ideal if you permit as long as 6 days for this reward to be handled from the date of the recharging request
  • Installments via mail are acknowledged, it would be ideal if you permit as long as about a month for an installment via mail to process.


Products of TV weekly magazine


  • Sports Coverage
  • Localized Listings
  • Daily Best Bets
  • Celebrity question and answer
  • Movie Guides
  • Streaming
  • Fun and prizes


How to subscribe for TV Weekly Magazine


To subscribe visit, www.iwantmytvmagazine.com

Here, at the middle of the prompted page at the right, enter,


How to subscribe for TV Weekly Magazine

  • Your zip code
  • Then, tap on ‘Subscribe’ in blue.

After this you have to follow two more steps to subscribe for the weekly magazine.


How to login or renew with TV Weekly Magazine


To renew or login visit, www.iwantmytvmagazine.com

Here, at the top right corner tap on, ‘Login/Renew’. Here, provide,

  • Email Address
  • Subscription ID
  • Zipcode
  • Phone
  • Then, tap on, ‘Next’ in blue.


How to find channels with TV Weekly Magazine


For this visit,  www.iwantmytvmagazine.com

Here, at the top right menu tap on, ‘Channel finder’ here provide,

  • Your email
  • Then, tap on, ‘View channel lineup’.


How to pay for the TV Weekly Magazine


You can pay for it in three ways,

  • Online: You can pay online by going to, www.iwantmytvmagazine.com. Here, you need to go for Login/Renew page to get the new subscription.
  • By phone: You can pay with your card by calling on, 877-580-4157.
  • By mail: You can also make the magazine payment with mail. You need to send the payment to this address, 213 Park Dr. Troy, MI 48083. You need to wait 3 to 4 weeks for the payment processing.

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Contact help

When you are looking for further help dial the numbers, 888-584-6688. Also, follow their social media pages,



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