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Guide to Register OC Rewards Card

Since 1976, they’ve been focused on development and greatness in specialty lager, blending those picks with tasty dishes, and conveying to our visitors’ veritable Chicago-style goodness. From our nourishment and drink menus to their fiery staff and amicable environment, Old Chicago is the spot to find one of a kind claim to fame mixes, appreciate heavenly pizzas and interesting entrées, while celebrating with companions.

They step it up with each new tap, attempting to continually find new art blends and claim to fame dishes to add to the longstanding top choices they’re known for. What began with Chicago-style pizza and lager 40 years back by a couple of companions in Boulder, CO—adoringly named after the great pinball game—has developed into a fantastic revelation of new specialty blends and flavorful menu contributions. 46 million pizzas and almost 300,000 World Beer Tours later, they’re the specialty lager authority, and a glad individual from the CraftWorks family, the biggest administrator of getting works eateries in the U.S.

In the wake of attracting their first 16 ounces in 1976, they’ve kept on pulling some great nearby and universal brews at more than 100 areas. They despise everything assemble our pizzas and tavern charge without any preparation—one delightful, new fixing at once. They serve everything up with an authentic grin. That is the reason Old Chicago is the go-to benevolent spot to snatch an incredible lager and nibble for an uncommon date, a major event, lunch, family night with kids, or simply meeting companions. Old Chicago guarantees a remarkable time, which is the reason individuals love to return over and over.

If a company starts up with a reward program, they get a good shot at attracting more customers than before. Prizes programs that give clients something with the expectation of complimentary immediately can possibly drive client commitment through the rooftop. This is actually what Old Chicago Pizza and Taproom is doing with the recently propelled OC Rewards. At this moment when clients register for the program through the Old Chicago Register-Card page, they will get a free hors d’oeuvre after their first visit. The time it takes to finish the enrollment procedure is unquestionably worth a tasty canapé as it very well may be totally only a few minutes through the utilization of a simple online structure.

About OC Rewards Program

  • When the Old Chicago register-card process is finished individuals will access extraordinary occasions, advancements, birthday presents, and different prizes

  • While taking care of for tab individuals should pull out their OC Rewards card with the goal that their buys can go towards the collection of Reward Points

  • Each $1 spent will acquire clients 1 Reward Point with 75 Reward Points being worth 5 OC Bucks

  • OC Bucks are dollar limits that can be utilized to lessen the value acquisition of both nourishment and drinks

  • The OC Rewards card can be gotten up partaking Old Chicago Restaurant

People that have advanced in the domain of innovation to where the idea of a plain old physical card exhausts them can select to go portable and skirt the Old Chicago register-card process by enlisting for a record and downloading the OC Rewards application for Android or iPhone. Those that have gone versatile should give their telephone number to their server rather than the OC Rewards card.

Sign up with OC

To sign up go to, www.oldchicago.com/register-card

Here, at the upper right side of the page click on, ‘Sign up’ or you can scroll down and click on, ‘Join OC rewards now’ in red.

Old Chicago OC Rewards Join

Then in the next directed page type,

  • First Name*

  • Last Name*a

  • Phone Number*

  • Birthday*

  • Address Line 1

  • Address Line 2

  • City

  • State

  • Postal Code

  • My OC Location*

  • OC Rewards Card Number

  • Then, click on, ‘Next’ in red.

Sign in with OC

To sign in go to, www.oldchicago.com/register-card

Here, at the upper right side of the page click on, ‘Login’. Here enter,

Old Chicago OC Rewards Login

  • The registered email

  • The password

  • Then, click on, ‘Login’ in red.

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Retrieve your password

To retrieve the password click on, ‘Click here to retrieve your password’, then type,

  • The registered email

  • Then, click on, ‘Submit’ in red.

Check the prompts after this to reset the password.

Contact info

To get the help you can check this website, oldchicago.com/contact-us.

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