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Pay Collections Bill Online

Maybe the main beneficial thing about debt is the fulfillment that gets rid of it. Luckily people who owe cash can take care of their debt in only minutes through the utilization of the Help Us Pay entrance. Clients will initially need to enroll by entering a record number, the last 4 digits of their Social Security Number, name (precisely as appeared on their bill), email address, secret phrase (make one), and cell phone number. When the entirety of the necessary data is entered clients should hit the Verify Account catch to continue with enrollment for the Help Us Pay entryway. The individuals who have just experienced the enrollment procedure can essentially enter a username and secret phrase to login.

About Help Us Pay gateway

  • After enrollment clients will have the option to see installment history notwithstanding taking care of a record balance (instructional video is given)

  • When making an installment through the gateway clients will appreciate the accommodation of paying with Visa, MasterCard, or their own financial records

  • Clients can pay unquestionably realizing that the Help Us Pay entryway works with security organizations to check all safety efforts are taken

  • Any data gave by a client might be utilized with respect to preparing an online installment

Clients who are having issues enrolling when entering the last 4 digits of their Social Security Number should have a go at entering their date of birth.

Create an account with Help us pay

To have this go to the site, www.helpuspay.com

At the page in the middle left side, you will get the login blanks, underneath that click on, ‘Create an account’.

Quick pay Create Account

You will have to accept to the terms.

Then, enter,

  • MRN/Account Number

  • Last 4 of Social Security Number

  • Verify Account

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • E-mail Address*

  • Confirm E-mail Address*

  • Password *

  • Confirm Password *

  • Phone

  • Then, click on, ‘Submit’ from the bottom left side.

Logging into Help us pay

To log in go to, www.helpuspay.com

At the page in the middle left side, you will get the login blanks, here input,

  • The registered email

  • The password

Quick pay Login

  • Then, click on, ‘Login’.

Forgot password

If you are having trouble remembering the password click on, ‘Forgot password?’, then enter, in the white rectangular box that appears.

  • The registered email

  • Then, click on, ‘Reset’.

You need to check the prompts after this to get back the password.

Quick pay with Help us pay

The quick pay can be done by going to, www.helpuspay.com

On the page in the middle left side click on, ‘Quick pay’ in blue.

Quick pay Login

Here, accept the terms and then you will get the blanks at the middle of the page, there enter,

  • Account Number

  • Last 4 of SSN

  • Choose your payment type

Then, input,

  • Name *

  • First & Last Name

  • Card Number *

  • Expiration Month *

  • Expiration Year *

  • CVV *

  • Address 1 *

  • Address 2

  • City *

  • State *

  • Postal Code *

  • Telephone Number

  • Email Verification

  • Accept the rule

  • Signed:

  • Then, from bottom left click on, ‘Submit payment’.

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More info on Help us pay portal

  • Joining up with the online portal for payment permits you to view and pay your record balance on the web. You can likewise get to your payment history.

  • Itemized directions on the most proficient method to select are remembered for your most recent explanation if material. Make certain to have your record number and email address prepared, on the grounds that they are required to finish the enlistment procedure.

  • You can make payments whenever anyplace from practically any PC with web get to. Also, you will get a good deal on postage expenses and spare time since it is so natural to utilize.

  • You can pay to utilize your financial account, MasterCard or VISA.

  • The online payment entryway works with various security organizations to check that all safety efforts are taken and all security principles are met. They are focused on keeping your own data sheltered and secured. Data gave on this entry won’t be utilized for something besides making on the web payments.

  • You may approve a one-time payment in any sum more prominent than the base payment of $50.00 or the funds to be paid to fork over the required funds the record. You may assign a payment present date upon and including the payment due date; be that as it may, on the off chance that you enter a payment post-date after 5 p.m. Eastern Time, we may change the payment present date on the date of our next business day.

  • Assets must be accessible in the connected bank, platinum card or charge card. Contingent upon your bank’s arrangements, your bank may charge a non-adequate supports expense if there are inadequate assets in your connected bank or check card account when an LLC Payment, RMP, LLC/RMP administrations Portal electronic payment is handled.

  • You are not allowed to change, disavow or end a one-time or repeating payment if that payment is in process. Payment is in process on the posting date of the payment. You may have the lawful right to disavow electronic payments by reaching the bank where you hold the connected bank, charge card or Visa Account. Contact your bank to decide the date and time your bank needs to process your renouncement.

Customer contact

To contact the portal you can dial the number, 800-653-2851.

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