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Get To Submit Claim MO Unclaimed Property

Most would be astonished to hear they have unclaimed cash out there simply holding on to be brought together with its legitimate proprietor. In all honesty, this remains constant for an enormous number of people the nation over. Missouri inhabitants would now be able to see whether unclaimed cash or property anticipates them by directing a speedy pursuit at the Show Me Money page. Upon landing on the page a name (last name pursued by the first name) can be composed into the pursuit device to see the accessible outcomes demonstrating the beneficiary’s last known location alongside the measure of unclaimed property. The individuals who accept they saw what is legitimately theirs as guaranteed can start the way toward bringing the tragically deceased money home by tapping the File a Claim tab. The Track Your Claim button posted under the inquiry bar at the Show Me Money page can be utilized to look into the status of existing cases or to discover where a got check originated from.

More on the Missouri State Treasurer

  • Banks can apply for a funds deposit by contacting the Missouri State Treasurer

  • The Treasurer does NOT have a list of all financial institutions within Missouri

  • MO’s $4 BILLION investment portfolio is focused on safety, liquidity, and yield

  • The Linked Deposit Program offers low-interest loans with partnered lenders

  • Regulations of financial institutions are NOT performed by the MO Treasurer

Those who have received a postcard with instructions to visit the Show Me Money page can begin by clicking the Received a postcard? link to review the list of potential correspondences. Once the correct postcard has been identified the provided instructions can be read to determine the next step.

Search MO unclaimed property

For this go to, www.showmemoney.com

Here, at the top right side, you will get a blank, there, type,

  • Your last name and first name

Missouri State Treasurer Proprty Search

  • Then, click on, ‘Search’ sign.

Track your MO claim online

For this visit, www.showmemoney.com

Here, at the blue menu panel, click on, the second option, ‘Unclaimed property’.

  • From the drop-down, click on, ‘Track your claim online’.

  • Here, at the middle left the side of the page, click on, Yes Or No, under, ‘Have you received your Unclaimed Property Check?’.

  • If yes, then, type,

  • The invoice number

  • If no, then, enter,

  • The claim number

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Contact help

To get help call on, 573-751-8533. Or write to, PO Box 210, Jefferson City, MO 65102.

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