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CVI and B&L Settlement – How to file cash claim

The date and claimant amount of Contact Lens Price-Fixing Class Action Settlement (CVI and B&L Settlement) have been already announced. Whooping $13 million have been announced as part of the settlement amount! The settlement amount will be distributed on a pro-rata basis among the members of B&L and CVI Settlement Classes. For any alternative distribution, you will be sent email intimation or you can refer to the official website www.contactlenssettlement.com regarding the changed date. You can claim for the settlement amount of you have purchased a particular category of contact lenses manufactured from the end of  Alcon, B&L, CVI, or JJVC.

The lawsuit was claimed based on the complaint that the defendant is misusing UPPs to curb competition from other online and discounted stores on the retail market’s consumer price for the disposable contact lenses. UPP refers to the ‘Unilateral Pricing Policies’ under which a minimum retail price is determined on each product.  The complaint was filed on 1st March 2017 and the company introduced UPP from the year June 2013 concerning the manufacturing and distribution of certain kinds of lenses.  Further violations alleged by class representatives are:

  • The California Unfair Competition Law
  • The Maryland Consumer Protection Act
  • The California Cartwright Act
  • The United States Sherman Act
  • The Maryland Antitrust Act

Eligibility Criteria for filing CVI and B&L Settlement

Meet the following eligibility criteria to file the claim for CVI and B&L Settlement:

  • The legalized citizen of the USA with relevant residential proof.
  • Must have reached the age of 18. Minors need to be represented by their guardian (above 18 years) and attorney.
  • For CVI Settlement, you should have purchased disposable contact lenses for solely personal use(not for resale) from any one of the following: B&L, Alcon, JJVC or CVI. The purchase should have been made between 1st June 2013 till present date.
  • For B & L Settlement you should have purchased disposable contact lenses for solely personal use (not for resale) from any one of the following: B&L, Alcon or JJVC. The purchase should have been made between 1st June 2013 till 4th December 2018.

Rules for CVI and B&L Settlement Claim

To proceed with the claim, you must adhere by some additional rules as per the demand of the settlement:

  • To obtain the settlement prize, you need to file a claim following the relevant channels.
  • You must submit your claim sharp within January 31st, 2020.
  • If you exclude any of the settlement class, you would not be eligible to get the settlement amount. Exclusion should be commenced on January 31st, 2020. However, if you have any ongoing proceedings going on with either class representative or defendant, you must speak to your attorney before opting for exclusion.
  • If you want to want to challenge and object to the settlement, you can write a letter to the court with relevant information, counter-argument and supporting document. In that case, you cannot exclude yourself from the settlement.
  • To file for the exclusion, you need to submit the letter within January 31st, 2020.

The process to file a claim for CVI and B&L Settlement:

So are you eligible to file the claim? Do not delay and go on filing the claim via the below steps:

Online Method:

Submit a Claim Instructions

  • Select the type of Claimant from the dropdown list.
  • Next, fill up the following info:
  1. Social Security Number.
  2. Full Address.
  3. Phone Number.
  4. Email Address.
  • Click on the Next.
  • Enter the Bank Details and verification info where the settlement amount will be deposited.

After filling up all the information, you will receive an initiation on your email address and phone number regarding the confirmation of your submission.

Offline Method:

Those who wish to submit the claim offline may download a copy of the claim form. Fill up the form correctly as per the instruction. Attach the supporting documents mentioned. Now submit the claim via First-Class Mail to the following address:

Disposable Contacts Antitrust Litigation
Settlement Administrator
P.O. Box 2995
Portland, OR 97208-2995

Prize money of CVI and B&L Settlement Claim

  • The total amount of $13 million is allocated to the CVI and B&L Settlement fund.
  • This amount will be further distributed into two spate settlement funds, i.e., $10 million for B & L settlement and $3 million for CVI Settlement.
  • The cost of CVI and B&L Settlement administration, service payment for the class representative and attorney fees will be allocated from the settlement funds itself.

Settlement Prize Distribution Rules

  • To lessen the administrative expense and distribute a larger amount of cash to the claimants, the settlement amount will be distributed at the later stage of case proceedings.
  • The qualifying members of CVI and B&L will be entitled to settlement on a pro-rata basis.
  • Right now an estimate of 40 million purchasers is made. So if it becomes economically impossible to distribute fairly, alternative options such as cy pres distribution may be proposed. The claimant will be intimidated regarding the same via communication as well as on the official website.

Additional Information related to CVI and B&L Settlement Claim

  • The name of the case is Disposable Contacts Antitrust Litigation Case No. 3:15-MD-02626-HES.
  • Hausfeld LLPScott+Scott has been appointed as the Attorneys at Law.
  • Robins Kaplan LLP has been appointed as Lead Counsel.
  • If you wish to object to the settlement being a class member, you have tasked the Court to grant permission for speaking at Fairness Hearing.

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Final Hearing Date

The final hearing date is scheduled for February 25, 2020.

Time – 2:15 p.m.

Contact Info

  • For any queries or confusion, get in touch with the administrator at  1-877-253-3649 (toll-free).
  • You can also email to Settlement Administrator at info@ContactLensSettlement.com.
  • Mailing address:

 Clerk of the Court, United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida,

Jacksonville Division,

300 North Hogan Street,


Florida 32202, under Case No. 3:15-MD-02626-HES.




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