How to Pay MD District Court Citation

Pay MD District Court Citation

The jurisdiction of the court incorporates all proprietor occupant cases, replevin activities, engine vehicle infringement, wrongdoings and certain crimes. In common cases the District Court has selective purview in claims for $5,000 or less, and simultaneous locale with the circuit courts in claims for sums above $5,000 yet under $30,000. The locale of the District Court is simultaneous with that of the circuit court in criminal cases, named offenses and certain lawful offenses, in which the punishment might be control for a long time or more or a fine of $2,500 or more. The District Court doesn’t direct jury preliminaries.

The District Court of Maryland was made by a change to the Maryland Constitution and appeared on July 5, 1971. It is a completely state-supported court of record having a statewide ward.

A sacred alteration went in 1969 and endorsed in the general appointment of 1970 made the District Court in 1971. At the point when the Court started working on July 5, 1971, it supplanted a confounding arrangement of neighborhood judges, judges of the harmony, and People’s Courts, each with its own guidelines and methodology. Under the old framework, cellars of retail foundations, preliminaries were held in homes, storm cellars of retail foundations, or other unacceptable spots. Regularly, undeveloped judges or judges of the harmony staffed these courts. Subsequently, the nature of equity fluctuated from region to region and neglected to give the residents of Maryland a legal framework that merited their full trust and certainty. The District Court, with central command situated in Annapolis, is a statewide court with 34 areas in 12 regions. Viable July 1, 2013, a staff of multiple, in addition to the Chief Judge, 300 including 115 judges, guarantees its crucial—approach and correct equity for all who are engaged with prosecution under the watchful eye of the Court.

Maryland drivers that might want to empty the weight of an annoying traffic reference would now be able to deal with the payment online at the MD Courts District Pay page. Clients should take note of that the online installment gateway run by LexisNexis Payment Solutions must be utilized to pay Maryland Uniform Traffic Citations; all other neighborhood city references must be paid straightforwardly to the regions. Drivers that got a reference that peruses “Must Appear” can’t utilize the MD Courts District Pay page to deal with their reference. Those that have neglected to appear for their court date can send an installment alongside a composed solicitation to the court to reschedule the preliminary date, yet may not utilize MD Court District Pay.

About MD Courts District Pay page

  • Drivers can anticipate that installments should be checked and presented on their records inside 2 business days

  • The handling expense for utilization of MD Courts District Pay charged by LexisNexis is $6.95 and non-refundable

  • Payment of the reference is viewed as a conviction and focuses will be surveyed to the payers Maryland driving record for specific infringement

  • Drivers that present the online installment demand are approving the charge for the sum entered in addition to the LexisNexis VitalChek Network Inc. administration expense

Drivers that might want to get around the handling expense charged for utilization of the MD Courts District Pay page can pay by the less helpful alternative of sending money, check, or cash request to Maryland District Court Traffic Processing System P.O. Box 6676 Annapolis, MD 21401-0676. Checks and cash requests should be made payable to the District Court of Maryland. Drivers that need to connect with the District Court of Maryland can call 800-492-2656 Monday through Friday between 8 AM and 4 PM Eastern Standard Time.

Pay citation in MD district court

For this payment go to the site, District Court Citation MD Pay

Here, at the middle of the page read the terms and rules, and scroll down towards the bottom to click on, ‘I have read the information’.

LexisNexis Payment Solutions

  • Then, click on, ‘Continue’.

On the next directed page read the information, and towards the bottom type,

  • Traffic Citation Number: *

  • Citation Last Name: *

  • Type the verification code

  • Then, click on, ‘Continue’.

You must follow the prompts after this to make the payment.

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Customer care

For further support call on, 800-492-2656 Monday through Friday between 8 AM and 4 PM ET. Or write to, Traffic Processing System P.O. Box 6676 Annapolis, MD 21401-0676.

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District Court Citation MD Pay

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