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Get To Check Autozone Hours And More

If you have a car or a garage where you need different types of auto parts, you can always look for an Autozone store near you. AutoZone is a trusted place to get what your vehicles need. When you come to AutoZone store locations, you may find a lot of good replacement automotive parts and accessories. But, you have to confirm Autozone Hours first before you go there. With long-time experiences in providing replacement parts for customers, you will not regret the quality of AutoZone products and services. AutoZone has been able to expand its business not only in the United States, but also in Brazil, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.

If you go to AutoZone stores, you may select what’s best for your vehicles. However, you must go to AutoZone store locations during its Autozone Hours. This way, you will be able to select replacements parts and accessories for your vehicles with the help of AutoZone staff at its store locations. you must know whether you are able to go to AutoZone on holidays. It is because Autozone Store Hours can be different on those days. Next, you may wonder how you can go to AutoZone store locations near your area.

To solve all of these queries in your mind, you must check out this article for better information. You will also find useful details of the company and so on.

AutoZone details

AutoZone is a retail chain of replacement parts for automotive products in the United States. This chain is managed by AutoZone, Inc. The corporate office of AutoZone is situated in Memphis, Tennessee. The business started in 1979 when Pitt Hyde decided to make a company named Auto Shack. It was a division of his family business wholesale grocer named Malone & Hyde.

But, the Fleming Companies acquired the grocer operation. Pitt Hyde had the first Auto Shack store in Forrest City, Arkansas. It did not take too long until the Auto Shack successfully expanded the business in 7 states in 1981.

Auto Shack started to go as AutoZone in 1987 and its store locations had been available in 16 states at the time. The first store operated under the AutoZone company was opened in Enid, Oklahoma. Currently, AutoZone, Inc. has over 6000 store locations in the United States, Puerto Rico, Brazil, and Mexico.

Autozone Regular Hours

The moment you start planning about going to AutoZone store in your area, you must have information about Autozone Business Hours. With such information, you will find out what time the store is open and close. This way, you can decide when you can visit AutoZone store locations to buy some replacement automotive parts and accessories.

  • Monday: 7.30 AM – 9 PM

  • Tuesday: 7.30 AM – 9 PM

  • Wednesday: 7.30 AM – 9 PM

  • Thursday: 7.30 AM – 9 PM

  • Friday: 7.30 AM – 9 PM

  • Saturday: 7.30 AM – 9 PM

  • Sunday: 8.30 AM – 8 PM

Autozone Holiday Hours

The information of Autozone Hours will not be enough without knowing the schedule of AutoZone stores during public holidays. You must be thinking if the hours of operation at AutoZone will be the same or not. Let’s check that out.

  • New Year’s Eve: Open

  • New Year’s Day: Open

  • Black Friday : Open

  • Easter Sunday: Closed

  • Easter Monday: Open

  • St. Patrick’s Day : Open

  • Valentine’s Day: Open

  • Halloween: Open

  • Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday: Open

  • Cinco De Mayo: Open

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day: Open

  • Columbus Day : Open

  • Memorial Day: Open

  • Veterans Day: Open

  • Labor Day: Open

  • Tax Day: Open

  • Thanksgiving Day : Closed

  • President’s Day: Open

  • Independence Day: Open

  • Christmas Day: Closed

AutoZone Auto Parts Logo

Find Autozone Near You

AutoZone Store Locator

You may try to find Autozone Store Locations near to your house using AutoZone Store Locator. These are the steps to operate AutoZone Store Locator.

  • Go to autozone.com

You should go to the official website of AutoZone Auto Parts. You will be able to reach this website at autozone.com. to find AutoZone locations, you are able to do this in 2 possible ways.

  • Click My Store

AutoZone website has set a location as the nearest AutoZone store in your area. The location will be displayed on the upper part of the website. If you think the location is not near to you, you can change it by clicking the arrow next to My Store. A dropdown field with a search space will appear under this My Store section. If you use My Store, you will not need to go to other page to search for the locations.

  • Click Store Locator

It is also possible to use the Store Locator button provided on the lower part of the website home page. This locator button will take you to another page managed for AutoZone Store Locator only. This page has a search field which you can use in the next step.

  • Enter Location Information

You can enter the location information of your preferred AutoZone store. It does not matter if you use My Section or Store Locator. You may type in a ZIP Code or Area Code there. In case you prefer searching for locations based on the state, you need to complete it with the city as well. Then, a list of city and state will appear and you are able to choose one of the options.

  • Click Submit

You have to click the Submit button to start the searching process. You will see the search results listed on the field or page only in a few seconds.

AutoZone Store Locator will be very helpful for you in times you need to find information about AutoZone stores near to your house. This locator will let you know about the store address, the local phone number, hours of operation, and directions to reach the locations. Besides, you can use the map provided on the locator page.

AutoZone Mobile App

In case you have AutoZone Mobile App in your device, you can use the store locator feature included in the app. Moreover, the AutoZone app can do more things for you. For example, you will be able to scan a product barcode, purchase online, get AutoZone hot deals, save rewards, find information about repairment, and manage My Zone account. If you have not installed it, you can download the app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Search Engine

You can use the search engine in your browser as well. You can simply type in the location information in the search field. Then, the search results will appear after some seconds of the searching process.

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Additional info on Autozone

  • Autozone expands its business to Canada to give the best service for the customers in this country. But, Autozone operates its business in Canada under the name Alldata Canada Services Ltd.

  • Nowadays there are more than 3000 stores in the United States, Brazil, and Mexico.

  • If you want to open an Autozone Commercial account, you have to visit autozonepro.com. Then, you can create an online account by completing the registration form. Besides, you also can open the commercial account by contacting Autozone customer service. Just dial 1 8666 853 6459. Furthermore, you can contact or visit the local Autozone store nearby.

  • Alldata is purchased by Autozone in 1996. This company is focused on providing the best quality of service and auto parts for all the customers in Canada.

  • At this time, Autozone only accepts Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, AutoZone Loyalty Rewards, and Autozone gift cards. For your information, Autozone does not accept personal checks, CODs, and debit card without Mastercard and Visa logo.

  • Autozone only accepts Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, AutoZone Loyalty Rewards, and Autozone gift cards.

  • Autozone announces that they start to use Telecheck Electronic Check Acceptance service and Telecheck Guarantee Service.

  • Autozone accepts Apple Pay in some stores. But, Autozone does not accept Apply Pay for the online purchase.

Contact details

To get more info, you can call on the toll-free number, 1 800 288 6966

Monday to Friday from 07.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m.

Saturday & Sunday from 08.00 a.m. to 08.00 p.m.

Or you can send a mail,

J.R. Hyde, III Store Support Center (SSC)

123 S. Front Street

Memphis, Tennessee, 38103

The United States.

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